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Raghaillaigh Philosophy

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Our Philosophy

Cold lifeless retribution, standing triumphant at the peak of a monolith of corpses; corpses of the blind, ignorant, and helpless heathen. We harness the unconquerable will of the Celtic heart, and bear with precision through the great endless unwritten history of all future wars. We will tear flesh from bone with the great sword, the hammer, and the axe. With two hands we will steal the glory of battle as we swallow the lives of those before us. The seal of the O'Raghaillaighs, is to be the seal of domination in battle and for an eternity beyond comprehension.


An intolerance for laxness in spirit and body, along with a malice towards failures in honor, is the fuel for the great machine we fuel with our puritannical dedication.

We fear not the cowards flail , nor his foamcore tower shield. We will eat our way through these crutches, and swallow the soul of he who wields them.

The House Raghaillaigh , Palatine, Illinois Last Upadated: July 13th 2009