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Join The House Raghaillaigh

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So you want to be one of the House Raghaillaigh ?

To Join The House Raghaillaigh is to be a member of the Fianna first. You will have to follow the Leabhar Dlithe, the Fianna book of laws, and then make sure you can meet the lofty expectations Argyll demands of his Raghaillaighs.
We have some criteria you must meet before joining the clan, and we have some fairly high demands of our members. If you can not commit to the level Argyle expects, you are welcome to come and go as you please, but don't call yourself an Raghaillaigh. We will be happy to have you fight with us even if you don't want to fully commit. You will be our highly valuable peasant warrior class. Here are our requirements:
  • You must have a propper celtic leg wear. This can be either plaid pants or a kilt, pants were historically accurate the kilt may not be, but is cool nontheless. These can be home-made, but may not be crap. A good tunic is also required
  • You must purchase an Raghaillaigh belt flag from Argyle
  • You must have read the To be an Raghaillaigh guidebook
  • You have a visual/physical method of recording your kills once you are a member
  • You've chosen a character name and created a characted background one paragraph in length (or been provided with one) that fits with the Raghaillaigh legend.
  • You've been attending Raghaillaigh practices for 2 months or at least 6 practices.
  • You must have a Dagorhir/Belegarth ready red-weapon (Long Sword, Great Sword, Axe, Hammer, Glaive, etc.)
  • And when you've fulfilled the aforementioned prerequisites you must kneel before Argyle and recite the Oath of Servitude (in English at least) without the use of an aid. The oath can be found in both the Chronicles of Ginneighsack and the To Be an Raghaillaigh manual. When Raghaillaighs were made in olden times, it was done much like knighting, where the oath was said by a vassal kneeling before a lord, who then tapped him once on each shoulder with the holy blade. The Raghaillaigh way is different in that if you fail to recite the oath correctly the vassals head was hewn from his neck by the lord. Do not fail in reciting the oath.

We also have some demands of you as a person before joining:

  • Raghaillaigh fighters are to be trained well versed in the wielding of Red weapons. You must train in both Red and Sword and Board fighting styles
  • You must be resonsible and mature about communication. You are wasting our time if you don't respond to emails, and don't take us seriously. Join another group or stay at home if you don't know how to check emails on a weekly basis.
  • You must be committed. As an Raghaillaigh we expect a solid level of committment from you. We want people to be at practices and battles and other events pretty much all the time. If you are unreliable and preoccupied with other things, work included, we don't want you.
  • You fight with honor and play by the Dagorhir and Belegarth Rulebooks, as well as respecting your superiors.
  • You must let Argyll know two days prior to missing a practice. Three strikes and your no longer a member.
  • Commitment. What sets the Raghaillaighs apart, or the intention of the Raghaillaighs , is to be a puritannicaly loyal and committed group of fighters. As a unit we demand a level of commitment that exceeds all other units/realms/chapters in both sports of Dagorhir and Belegarth. To be a full Raghaillaigh (garb/belt-flag/oath), is not to be taken lightly. You are expected to attend every practice you can possibly attend, and no excuses for hanging out with girlfriends, going to the movies, oversleeping, or being an unaccountable bastard in general. Of the 15 or so people that have fought with the Raghaillaigh clan, only 4 are full members currently. These four are completely loyal, and represent everything that the intention of our group is. I want to expand this elite group of full members, but not at the expense of losing quality in terms of commitment. Do not become a full member unless you are ready to dedicate those couple hours every week, and fight with us at every event you can. I will take this very seriously, and so you must.

When it comes down to it, we want a loyal few over a crappy many. It's not a lot to ask that you be a responsible and mature member and keep in communication. Do that and you are absolutely welcome to join us.

Once your ready email Argyll to join at:

The House Raghaillaigh , Palatine, Illinois Last Upadated: July 13th 2009